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The Essen Immunoboost SP Story

I have been an Immunologist for almost three decades and have seen the many factors that affect our immune system. A substandard diet, an unhealthy environment, poor lifestyle choices, as well as chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease can weaken our immune defenses leaving us susceptible to more pathology and infection. Medical science devoted years of research on figuring out therapies and medicines that strengthen our immunity. While adopting a healthy lifestyle and having good nutrition are proven to be helpful, in many cases these alone are not enough. 

My wife leads a healthy life with good nutrition and regular exercise. In spite of being mindful of her fitness and cultivating healthy habits, she at the relatively young age of 56 developed one of the worst forms of cancer with a grim prognosis: stage IIIB Ovarian cancer. She underwent surgery and an aggressive chemotherapy protocol including intraperitoneal therapy which involved having a gallon of chemotherapeutic agent placed in her abdomen for 4-6 hours and intravenous therapy every 2-4 weeks for half of the year. 

While chemotherapy targets cancer cells, it also kills our body’s normal cells including our immune cells leaving our natural defenses compromised. As such many patients do not survive chemotherapy due to infectious complications. Through the course of her treatment, my wife suffered through severe pain. Her red and white blood cells dropped precipitously leaving her fragile and vulnerable to infection. She felt like giving up and I wished I could take her place and spare her from suffering. Her only motivation to finish treatment was to visit Israel at Christmas and be present at our son’s wedding. 

In addition to rest and proper nutrition, her physicians advised her to take multivitamins and supplements to bolster her weakened immune system. As an immunologist, I was naturally skeptical of the current market of supplements. Therefore, I took it upon myself to investigate the current medical literature to see which micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients were best for optimizing our immune system.

There are three things I found very important to consider regarding micronutrients and supplements:

  1. They have to be in their natural form.
  2. They have to be dosed appropriately.
  3. They have to be safe.

Through my research, I identified which specific ingredients best prime, strengthen, and balance the immune system. I found the highest quality manufacturer with raw materials/sources made in the U.S and formulated my own supplement. Immunoboost was born.

During her third month of chemotherapy, my wife continued to weaken. She felt as if her mind was in a fog and she could barely move. I gave her the first dose of Essen Immunoboost SP with no incident. She took them daily and over the next few days started to feel stronger. She claims that she felt more energetic and had less pain. After taking Immunoboost daily for the next few weeks, she felt almost back to her normal self. She had clearer thinking and went back to work with more vigor and endurance. She completed her chemotherapy with minimal side affects. Our Christmas in 2018 was most memorable. The whole family went on a ten day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. She braved the trip against her doctors advice. The following spring, she danced with our son during his wedding. 

Today, she is currently on remission; healthy with no evidence of active cancer. She continues to work full time as an Internal Medicine Physician and Obesity specialist. To this day she continues to take Immunoboost.

I now recommend Immunoboost to all of my patients particularly those with chronic diseases, the elderly, patients preparing for surgery, and those traveling to endemic areas. It is my hope that we can help more people with this product.

God Bless.